Political Punditry Writing Group

On Hiatus

3rd Tuesday's at 6:00pm-7:30pm, Syracuse Center for Peace & Social Justice


** Our next meeting is on hiatus until "to be determined".  

Our topic will be determined closer to the event date depending on what news item or local event is most relevant (or you can choose your own topic or event to create a press release for).  Our genre/technique will be a media alert, "designed to grab the attention of reporters, editors and producers, and give them a heads up about your event and enough information to make them want to attend" - (next month in March we will expand to the press release).

Participants who plan to attend are asked to do the following:

[1] Read the summary guide at http://syracusegreens.nationbuilder.com/media_alert_readings 

[2] Identify the event to write about, and a list of outlets to send it to.

[3] Write one-page media release.

[4] Bring 10 copies with you to the meeting to share.

That's it, besides learning, enjoying, practicing, and sharing.


The Political Punditry Writing Group will focus on the main goals of:

  • Building participants knowledge of topics related to issues and movements of interest.

  • Practicing your writing, reading, and research skills including, but not limited to, concepts such as "operationalized terms", "logical fallacies", "persuasive prose" and "virtue of belief",  and "substantiation by empirical evidence".

  • Practicing the sharing of messages verbally in front of others in the group, towards developing comfort of public speaking skills and potential candidacy.

  • Learning about the construction and styles of different writing forms.

Participants will be encouraged to read and write on topics related to current events, movements, and political races; and to submit written work for publication in newspapers, magazines, and online blogs and journals to keep the Green Party platform and movement visible.  

It is proposed that the group will meet monthly to begin on 3rd Tuesdays at 6:00 PM, and will develop a format that includes best practices of successful writing groups such as discussion, sharing of writing, and constructive feedback.  Monthly topics, and writing styles will be selected via consensus, and all participants will be asked to create a document to share with the group, as well as do some in-person writing.  Generally, during writing group meetings, participants will be asked to only make suggestions for improvement in a constructive way (not “This stinks!”) and recognize strengths.  


- State of the State / Anti-Fracking, Letter To The Editor

- The New Jim Crow, Op-Ed

- Topic of Interest near Date TBD, Media Alert


Letters to the Editor, Op-Eds, Membership Appeals, Action Alerts, Email Fund Appeal, Public Speech, Essay, Media Release, Songs/Poetry/Chants, Etc

Have an idea for a topic or technique that you want to see covered or that you can share your experiences with?  Want more information or to speak with the facilitator(s)?  Contact Frank Cetera at 315-308-1372 or franklen9807@gmail.com

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